Training Modules

In this section you will find information on accessing the training material for Activated NetID and Non-Activated NetID users.

Activated NetID Users

The HIPAA Privacy and Security courses have been combined to create a single integrated course that will meet training requirements for both Privacy and Security.  All users complete a core curriculum which includes basic privacy and security information prior to selecting role specific content.  

Role-specific options include training for clinicians, researchers, administrators and a general overview course.  Following review of the training materials, users are required to complete a quiz in order to meet the training requirement.

Staff members who are required to complete HIPAA Security training only should take the HIPAA Privacy and Security training module and select the General Overview to HIPAA course when asked to select the link that best describes their role.  This will skip the additional privacy content for those who have provided valid certification of alternate privacy training.

Non-Activated NetID users

Privacy and Security Training Materials

You must read and sign the signature page indicating your understanding of the material.

Note: if both boxes pertaining to HIPAA Security (ePHI, computing, communication and use of email address) cannot be checked then the NetID must be activated and the user must take the online HIPAA Privacy and Security Training

Additional information can be found in Training FAQ.

Information on activating NetIDs.